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These two brothers were mesmerized by the train around their Christmas Tree – who cares that they had both seen it go around a gazillion times already!  Little Drew who is barely sitting up at 6 months seems to be running calculations through his head as to how this all works, or at least what is happening!

Years from now, not only will this mom love the expressions on her boys’ faces, but it will also bring back memories of that train, the night they set it up, how many times she had to set it back on the track after it collided with a wooden block or a shoe.  But mostly, she’ll remember how much joy it brought to her boys that year.  And how that train set made that Christmas season unique and memorable.

These are the moments and future memories I hope to bring to you and your family.  Little snippets of everyday moments that will bring you waves of nostalgia and memories down the road.  This is why I am offering in-home lifestyle photo sessions.  I am a scrapbooker, which is how I launched in to photography in the first place.  So memories like this are exactly what I strive for.


Sure, you could take these photos yourself, but the best part of the photos is having you in them and having you interact with your children.  Resist the temptation to say that your house isn’t nice enough or that you don’t like how you look.  Believe me – that does NOT matter to your children.  They love you how you are and will be so thankful that they have photos of their parents, especially with them, when they are older.

We are all good about remembering to take pictures at birthdays, on holidays, at parties, and all the big “moments.”  But what about the everyday moments that pass by us SO quickly!


This tender moment between mother and son would not have been so easily caught during a posed family portrait, for a holiday card, for example.  The following pictures were taken after spending an hour or so with this family on a Saturday morning heading out to Millennium Park.



While these photos are not in their home, they are completely candid and represent something this family would ordinarily do on a weekend in the summer.  And there are many other ideas for this type of photo session.  In home or outdoor.  Stay tuned for more lifestyle type sessions on the blog for more ideas!

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