Rainbow after the Storm – Suzie & Greg – LaGrange Park Wedding, Hickory Hills Reception

November 15, 2017 12:55 am | Leave your thoughts

They say “Timing is Everything” and in the case of Suzie & Greg’s wedding, it was timed just right.  Mother nature does not always cooperate, but she made up for it this day.  After taking photos of the bride getting ready at her parents’ house, we got safely inside the church and it poured!  No, that is an understatement.  It dumped buckets during the ceremony!  In fact, during the sermon, the priest even joked about the world ending as we heard the rain pounding on the church roof!  But as luck would have it, we had a few minutes of only sprinkles to get a few umbrella shots before heading to the reception.

Fortunately, the reception venue, Chateau del Mar, had elegant couches and chairs for wedding party photos since it was still to wet and rainy for the photos we had planned on the golf course.  I think these may have turned out even better, especially these of the bride!

Heading upstairs to head in to the cocktail hour, we look outside and see this HUGE double rainbow!  It could be seen all throughout the suburbs it was that big!  We all just KNEW we had to get out there for photos even if there were still some sprinkles.  The bride and groom managed to hold on to their adorable umbrella while mine got blown away and inside out.  Nothing us Chicagoans aren’t used to!  But soon enough it even cleared up enough to head to the first green of the Hickory Hills Golf Course behind the Chateau.  We could see the rainbow there, too, but also a couple great shots of some fun, yet intimate looks between the newlyweds.

It was definitely worth the time to go outside and get these shots!  But now we had to head back inside to the beautifully decorated ballroom.  Lots of royal red accents but personalized with the couple’s DIY rustic but elegant centerpieces.  Not only did the couple create their own insta-selfie booth complete with accessories, but they had the coolest popcorn bar – in honor of Greg “popping” the question leading to this very day!  The couple made quite an entrance among all of that and headed towards the scrumptious cake that seemed to be the cake mom to tons of mini (cupcake) cakes!

My favorite part of the reception is the first dances, and Suzie and Greg did not disappoint with a romantic moment.  All in all, it turned out to be a happy ending with some fairytale moments and photos.  And I know that this couple will live happily ever after!




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